Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday Reads

On this Valentine's Day, it is important to remember that husbands by far are more deadly than terrorists.

Obituary: Noted jazz singer Al Jarreau, 76, died the other day, shortly after announcing he had retired from touring:

Jarreau was born March 12, 1940, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His father was a minister, and he started singing in church as a young boy.Jarreau told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel it was at Lincoln High School where "my love of music and singing really deepened. I began to have ideas of taking this as far as it could go. And I kept dreaming that dream and nourishing that dream."

After moving to San Francisco, he made a name for himself singing with acoustic guitarist Julio Martinez. Jarreau moved on to Los Angeles and sang at clubs such as the Troubador.

He appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" and sang on “Saturday Night Live” during the show's inaugural season. Jarreau became known for his rhythmic scat singing.

Ireland is on the verge of adopting the Nordic model re prostitution.

No surprise Trump campaign aides had contact with Russia, and absolutely nothing is going to come of it.

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