Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Reads

Obituary: Actress and singer Lola Albright, 92, has died. She was another actress one saw all the time during television's early years:

Albright recorded two albums as a vocalist, “Lola Wants You” in 1957 and “Dreamsville” in 1959, accompanied on both albums by Henry Mancini's orchestra. She was known for a throaty, sultry vocal style.

Albright continued acting through the mid-1980s, often appearing in guest-star roles on television series including “Starsky & Hutch,” “Kojak,” “ Columbo,” “The Incredible Hulk,” and “Airwolf."

Obamacare may be the GOP's Waterloo, according to David Frum.

Excellent piece:

Some of the conservatives who voted “no” to the House leadership’s version of repeal may yet imagine that they will have some other opportunity to void the law. They are again deluding themselves. If the Republican Party tripped over its own feet walking across this empty ballroom, it will face only more fearsome difficulties in the months ahead, as mid-term elections draw closer. Too many people benefit from the law—and the Republican alternatives thus far offer too little to compensate for the loss of those benefits.

In that third week in March in 2010, America committed itself for the first time to the principle of universal (or near universal) health-care coverage. That principle has had seven years to work its way into American life and into the public sense of right and wrong. It’s not yet unanimously accepted. But it’s accepted by enough voters—and especially by enough Republican voters—to render impossible the seven-year Republican vision of removing that coverage from those who have gained it under the Affordable Care Act. Paul Ryan still upholds the right of Americans to “choose” to go uninsured if they cannot afford to pay the cost of their insurance on their own. His country no longer agrees.

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