Thursday, March 23, 2017

More Thursday Reads

'Tis the season for treason.

Knowing they are toast otherwise, Republicans are having extremely cold feet over repealing the ACA despite all of the rhetoric.

They have heard from constituents, and they have heard from the medical establishment and industry.

Obituary: Musician John Hashian, 67, died following collapsing onstage at a performance:

Hashian, who was born John Thomas Hashian Aug. 17, 1949, became Boston's drummer after the band's label, Epic Records, insisted on a replacement for band founder Tom Scholz's first-choice timekeeper, Jim Masdea. Hashian played on "Boston," which included the band's huge classic rock hit, "More Than a Feeling." He also played on Boston's next album, "Don't Look Back."

After leaving the band before it completed recording its "Third Stage" album, he played drums for Boston bandmate Barry Goudreau's eponymous 1980 solo album, which spawned the hit "Dreams."

Since porn is a form of prostitution, it should be included in prostitution legislation.

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