Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday Reads

The GOP clearly has a political death wish.

They refuse to deal in reality. People don't want repeal, just tweaking the law so that the cost of premiums and deductibles are under control.

Prostitution abolition comes to South Africa.

Obituary: Singer Clem Curtis, known for his work for the sixties group The Foundations, has died at the age of 76. He left the group before it had its biggest hit "Build Me Up Buttercup":

Curtis was born in Trinidad and moved to the UK as a teenager to pursue a career as a boxer. Afterwards, he started singing with the band, before going on to lead a solo career in the 1970s. Curtis also appeared in musicals in London’s West End.

Curtis’s wife told the BBC earlier this year: “Unfortunately he has been diagnosed with two cancers. Doctors cannot do anything about it.

“We’re spending time at home having our happy days together. It depends what his body and mind will decide to do.

“We had the prognosis about six months ago. Doctors said he will never walk, but he’s walking now.”

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