Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday Reads

Glad I am not the only person who is sick and tired of the destruction of women-only spaces in order to please sexual fetishists.

This guy is young, so he can be excused a bit for not understanding how fucked up the right can be.

When the trans don't have an argument, which they don't anyway, they always play the "intersex" card, and never mind "intersexed" people's existence proves the fact humans are a sexually dimorphic species:

All intellectual dishonesty from the queer community aside, the argument itself is absolutely absurd. Far from shattering the narrow-minded bigotry of those nasty radical feminists, the existence of intersex people goes a long way towards confirming sexual dimorphism. After all, the prefix inter- means between or across. Intersex, broken down, would translate to between or across sexes. It’s hard to understand how this could be a meaningful concept without the existence of two discreet, recognizable things to be between or across.What could intersex mean if there weren’t two sexes as a point of reference? How could we understand international without the concept of distinct nations? Or intersectional, that holy incantation of the genderist, if we said that there were not separate types of oppression?

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