Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday Reads

This is another example of how poor women are continuing to be prostituted, and that is in the area of breast milk:

In recent years, breast milk has become the only human secretion sold on the mainstream food and beverage market. In the U.K., breast milk ice cream has been on sale since 2011, and in the U.S., a lollypop company sells breast milk-flavored candy. In Britain, former model Josie Cunningham sold her breast milk online at way above the market price, as she appeared to be targeting fetishists. Her rates are $2.50 an ounce to new mothers and roughly $12.50 an ounce to “male milk-fetishists.” Cunningham says she expects to make $375 a day from her breast milk.
Selling breast milk is nothing new, but Utah-based Ambrosia Labs, which runs the clinic in Phnom Pehn where I met Chanda and her baby, claims to be the first company to have imported human breast milk to the U.S. from overseas.

Expressing milk can be painful and difficult, despite the hype from the “breastapo”—those who argue that every woman should be able to easily provide breast milk for her child and never resort to formula. It can cause clogged milk ducts (causing hard lumps to form in the breast), mastitis (which brings on flu-like symptoms and painful breasts) and thrush (which results in itchy, burning and/or cracked nipples and shooting pains in the breast during feedings). Expressing milk for hours a day can leave women exhausted and lethargic.

Despite the attitude displayed in the article denigrating what women do unless it is "male-oriented" type of work, women are still sabotaged in the office.

Getting a tiny number of women in higher-level jobs does nothing to address the sexism underlying why women are underpaid all across the board to begin with.

Bernie Sanders needs to retire from public life.

Aaron Hernandez was simply a bad seed. There are just no other words to describe his sociopathy and crimes.

At least this mother has sense enough to call a girl who doesn't conform to "femininity" a tomboy.


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