Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Reads

Since motherhood never, ever entered my mind, I cannot relate to articles like this at all. Of course, it is a Mormon-run outfit, and that religion basically says women are worthless unless they are wives and mothers.

Along that same line, I cannot understand how any woman can work for an outfit like Liberty University.

These "conservative" churches always belittle women and think women are only good for fucking, incubating, and being servants to men.


Hard-right Barry Goldwater would be a raving socialist compared to the whack jobs who make up today's GOP.

This is how traditional "women's" fields are denigrated. The notion is anybody can do this job.

The hell they can. Teaching is really difficult, completely draining work. As I wrote on Facebook:

Until you have actually done the job, you have NO idea how hard it is. Having been a student doesn't count. This is how female-dominated work gets denigrated. Trash the training programs, trash the people who are enrolled in it as morons, claim that anybody can waltz into a classroom and teach. It can be a snakepit, especially if you have administrators who are unsupportive and will knife you in the back and destroy your career.

Also, it is less important to be an "expert" in a subject area (always claimed by a non-educator) than it is to know how to present the material on the students' cognitive level. Teachers often are like ringmasters in a three-ring circus, constantly having to present material at different levels. And, especially when dealing with younger students, you better know classroom management.

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