Thursday, May 04, 2017

Thursday Reads

Prince Philip has decided to hang it up regarding royal duties. He is only 96 years old.

William Shatner made a damned fool out of himself talking about women's rights and the mythical "misandry."

Telling the truth about "transracialism" and "transgenderism" now makes one subject to a witch hunt:

Tuvel’s article rebuts a number of the arguments against transracialism, and it’s clear, throughout, that Tuvel herself is firmly in support of trans people and trans rights. Her argument is not that being transracial is the same as being transgender — rather, it’s “that similar arguments that support transgenderism support transracialism,” as she puts it in an important endnote we’ll return to. It’s clear, from the way Tuvel sets things up, that she’s prodding us to more carefully examine why we feel the way we do about Dolezal, not to question trans rights or trans identities.

The truth is both are total bullshit.

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