Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday Reads

I am getting lazier and lazier with this blog as of late, but there are things going on in real life that have me obsessed. It is probably a good thing given all of the bullshit going on in D.C.

Texas is looking to crack down on cheaters in athletics, you know, those "transgender" idiots who couldn't cut it with events in their own sex, so they decide to crossdress and cheat on the opposite teams, especially dudes cheating in women's events.

Finally an obituary worth noting on the blog: Actor Michael Parks, 77, known for not only his work in films, but also starred in the television cult series Then Came Bronson, has died:

Parks’ acting career began with small roles on 1960s television series, and from 1969 to 1970, he starred on NBC’s “Then Came Bronson” as Jim Bronson, a wanderer who motorcycles around the country. Parks also sang the show’s theme song, "Long Lonesome Highway," which became a pop and country hit. The song’s popularity led to a series of MGM albums in the following years.

He was survived by a wife and son.

The WSWS notes the Comey firing.

Can you imagine any president firing J. Edgar Hoover? Only a dumb shit fascist would have pulled what Trump did:

Of course the GOP won't impeach and remove him.

The Dems don't want that to happen because Trump is good for them.

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