Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Women Should NEVER Be Servants to Men

This kind of thing just makes me see red. It is the idea that women, including and especially those with paying jobs, are almost invariably stuck with doing the drudgery of housework and especially cooking at home. This is what author Arlie Hochschild wrote about years ago about the so-called "second shift" in two-income households.

Women are typically the ones stuck with child rearing on top of the homemaking bullshit. There is no excuse whatsoever for men not to be involved.

I have seen it where women and men try to justify the unequal distribution of household labor by saying since the man typically makes more money in the paying job, that means the unpaid labor by the woman somehow “balances” it out. This is stupid. For one thing, just because a man typically makes more money does not mean he works harder. For another thing, it isn’t the money factor that is the issue—it is the TIME factor. Housework and cooking especially are major time sucks out of the day. They are NOT “fulfilling,” no matter how much spin a masochistic woman might try and con herself into believing. They are drudgery, and cooking most of all because it cannot be put off the way other chores can be.

The doormat process begins during the dating period. I see red every single time a woman goes out of her way to cook and clean for a man she is dating. She has literally set the stage for this kind of abuse if she marries or shacks up with this particular man. The media and dating coaches will peddle the fiction that the way to express “love” for a man in the most kind way is to cook meals for him. What a load of garbage.

I can proudly say I have never cooked a meal for a man in my entire life of 62 years, and I never will. My philosophy is this: Dude, you want a meal? There is the refrigerator, there is the stove/microwave. Fix it yourself.

ALL women should have this philosophy.

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