Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday Reads

Labiaplasty is the western form of female genital mutilation.

You can thank pornography for this crap:

Cosmetic surgeons argue the procedures can help women build confidence and resolve problems with sexual dysfunction.

But critics say the desire to get labia changed is driven by unattainable standards set by the prolific porn industry, and there is little evidence to support any claims the procedures provide women with any benefit.

The clinic's managing director, Sina Kashani, says the procedure has spiked in popularity since it was first offered in 2005.

Disgusting. It shouldn't be allowed.

Here is yet another Trump defense:


Excellent discussion with Chris Hedges and two feminists over the attempted destruction of women's rights in the name of the bogus "gender identity":

My comment on the YouTube video:

Women are being destroyed as a protected class in order to help male sexual fetishists, which is what so-called "transwomen" are for the most part, violate necessary boundaries between the sexes. These guys used to be called transvestites, but there is no meaningful difference anymore between them and what used to be called "transsexuals," the latter who used to be thought of as self-loathing gay men. It doesn't matter if these men--who never "pass" as women--have had bottom surgery or not, and relatively few of them do. These guys are kinksters who literally get off violating boundaries. Woman hatred is their stock in trade. Crossdressing as a stereotyped woman is a direct insult to women, just as wearing blackface is an insult to African Americans.

Given the fact there is a male subculture of fetishists, voyeurs, garden variety perverts, and criminals, this is about liability, safety, and privacy for women.

There is NO such thing as "gender identity," a b.s. term that was coined by John Money, a known pervert and quack infamous for the Reimer twin experiments. He should have served a prison term for what he did to them. You cannot identify as a "gender," because gender refers ONLY to sex roles and sex role stereotypes, and I would like to see the latter terms brought back into general usage. "Gender" has been deliberately conflated with "sex." It isn't. Furthermore, it is impossible to "identify" as the opposite sex for the simple reason one cannot EVER be the opposite sex.

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