Friday, June 30, 2017

Sick of Elitist Bullshit

I get so fucking sick of women in elite fields put down women who are in traditional "women's jobs" and calling them "crap" jobs. That is bullshit.

Men will NEVER dominate professions like teaching and nursing not just because of the time and training it takes to do those jobs, but employers are reluctant to hire males thanks to the liability issues involved.

Furthermore, many men are like this female professor asshole and think "women's jobs" are beneath them. They will go into self-employment before they ever do those.

Men still have this entitled attitude they deserve "family wage" jobs regardless of their own marital status.

It is just so much bullshit.

It doesn't address the issue as to why women are paid less. It is because men as a group want it that way.

It is all about forcing women to be dependent on men so that men get sexual access in return.

It is NOT complicated.

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