Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday Reads

It's self-destruction time:


The parents should have been prosecuted for child abuse.

This poor kid has never had a chance at a normal childhood. He has been pushed into this by greedy parents.

"Transwoman" murder defendant "Donna" Perry has been found guilty in the murder of three prostitutes.

Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of the tragic death of actress Jayne Mansfield.

I was 12 years old then, but I remember it well.

I used to enjoy watching her on various game shows and other television programs.

This trivia:

Fifty years later, Mansfield continues to fascinate the public, but her legacy is much bigger than the gruesome details of her death -- and, indeed, bigger than her acting career and well-covered publicity antics. In the wake of the 1967 accident that claimed her life, federal highway authorities recommended the installation of "underride guards" on the back of tractor trailers to prevent automobiles from plunging under them in a rear-end collision. In 1998, such guards became mandatory. Officially known as a Rear Underrun Protection System, they are also commonly known as "Mansfield bars," after the late actress.

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