Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday Reads

It appears the router or something has bit the dust, so I will have to buy a new one tomorrow. In the meantime, it is light blogging or no blogging for the next couple of days.

Not that I have been doing much around here. I have been very distracted ever since February, and furthermore, what is going on the world depresses the hell out of me.

Because of the obvious liability issues, it should not be controversial at all there are women-only spaces.

It would help if the author refrained from using false terms like "transwomen." These guys are not women at all but MEN, no matter how much surgical butchery and hormones they have had. It is an insult to women. No qualifiers should EVER be used to identify women. There is only one kind of woman, an adult female human being.

I have to constantly point this out because by using these false terms, the author gives credence to the "transgender" movement, when it deserves none whatsoever.

The issue here is one of liability and safety. Nothing more, nothing less. Men don't belong in women-only spaces, no matter what these guys call themselves.

Andrea Constand has a few words about the deadlocked decision in the Bill Cosby case.

An alternate juror probably would have voted to acquit the washed-up comic and actor.

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