Saturday, July 22, 2017

Millennial Women Are a Bust

I might as well have a pun in there somewhere. These dumb women could ask baby boom women why the "braless" look, including wearing "natural cup" bras, went out of style in the past decade or two. The reason is that women do NOT look good at all without wearing support, and bras without lining are almost as bad.

Back in the day of the late 1960s, with the counterculture movement, going braless was considered part of the back-to-nature bullshit. Back then women's bras were made for support and modesty, so padded bras and underwire bras for women with larger breasts were commonplace. Somehow though, bra manufacturers got the idea that if women were uncomfortable with going braless but still wanted the look of not wearing one, then there should be bras made without lining or padding. "Sexiness" was in, modesty was out.

Let me tell you, it was hell finding bras back in the 1970s and 1980s that were not "natural cup." It was virtually impossible to find them. Underwire bras continued to exist though many women didn't like them because, thanks to not wearing the correct size bra in the first place, the underwire would poke and pinch. Women like me who HATED the "natural cup" bras had to make do with stuffing the goddamned things with Kleenex or toilet paper so that the nipples wouldn't show. There were not concealers then. Maybe some dudes like them showing, but I can say no woman looks good with them showing under clothes. Camisoles weren't an adequate solution for that problem.

Eventually baby boom women got older, and more and more of them finally realized that going braless or wearing natural cup bras did NOT look good and certainly were not professional in a workplace. Demand changed, and by around 2000 more and more stores started stocking bras with lining. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven when they came back into style. No more did I have to worry about stuffing my bra cups with t.p. or Kleenex, thus saving trees.

So these idiot millennial women, who somehow think they are in the vanguard of something new, are still acting like a bunch of immature children and don't understand that more coverage is better. They can deny it all they want, but the real reason they "want" to go braless or wear shit "natural cup" bras is for male attention. It won't be long before they learn the lessons of the baby boom generation.

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