Thursday, July 20, 2017

O.J. News

The big story of today is that acquitted double murderer and convicted armed robber O.J. Simpson in October will be leaving his home at the correctional facility in Lovelock, Nevada, where he had lived for about a decade, and presumably will return to Florida, whereupon he will resume his golf game and look for the killer of his ex-wife and her acquaintance.

It was a shock to me indeed he will get out of prison. However, he wasn't convicted of the double-homicide, so I suspect the parole board had to pretty much go by the book with regard to him.


O.J. Simpson, 70, was granted parole and will be released in October from the Lovelock Correctional Center, where he’s lived for nearly a decade. The vote was unanimous among the four parole board members who sat in on the hearing Thursday.

Simpson bowed his head and put his hands on the table, his face resting between his hands. And when he looked up, he smiled in relief. He walked out into the hallway and raised his arms and said, “Yes.”

“Oh, God,” Simpson said. “Thank you, thank you.”

Before O.J. was granted parole, Fred Goldman, father of son Ron Goldman, one of Simpson's victims, had this to say:

The slain waiter’s father is “needless to say, upset” that the man he believes killed his son could soon walk free from an unrelated armed robbery prison stint, he said Thursday.

“What’s troubling to me is not only him but the whole system that gives second chances to violent felons, for that matter anyone in jail,” Fred Goldman told “Good Morning America.” “Ron doesn’t get a second chance.”

“Ron never gets to spend his life doing what he wanted to do; we’ll never get to share his life,” he added tearfully. “And the killer will walk free and do whatever he wants.”

He never uses Simpson's name.

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