Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Sexual Division of Labor is the Biggest Bunch of Bullshit Ever

Little has changed since the famous feminist article, The Politics of Housework, was published by Redstockings, the radical feminist group, nearly fifty years ago. Women work outside the home nowadays in overwhelming numbers, but they still do the lion's share of the drudgery in the home.

And housework and all of the rest of the "homemaking" bullshit, despite the best efforts of men to try and con women to think this is their "biological destiny," IS drudgery without any real value other than women are forced to do it because men refuse to do much of anything. Why should they if they have some wifey or girlfriend seemingly willing to do it? Too many women think being a servant to a man somehow reinforces their "femininity" when in fact they have been conned into a scam.

I was eight years old in 1963 when I first rebelled against doing that bullshit in the house because I noticed the MEN of the house NEVER did it. Women were supposed to cook, clean, wash and fold laundry, and all of the other crap. I was dubbed "lazy" by my dysfunctional parents. I had never heard of Betty Friedan, who published The Feminine Mystique that year, but I was way, way ahead of my time.

More women today, although not enough of them, are also rebelling against this being forced to be maids and cooks of the household, with a few men whining about the lack of home-cooked meals and spotless houses. Heaven forbid they ever get off their lazy asses and help out or hire outside help.

This article points to this article stating the obvious that outsourcing drudgery creates more happiness in the home.

Snip from the New Statesman link:

From infancy up, chores are coded pink. Looking on the Toys “R” Us website, I see you can buy a Disney Princess My First Kitchen (fuchsia, of course), which is one in the eye for royal privilege. Suck it up, Snow White: you don’t get out of the housekeeping just because your prince has come. Shop the blue aisle and you’ll find the Just Like Home Workshop Deluxe Carry Case Workbench – and this, precisely, is the difference between masculine and feminine work. Masculine work is productive: it makes something, and that something is valuable. Feminine work is reproductive: a cleaned toilet doesn’t stay clean, the used plates stack up in the sink.

The worst part of this con is that women are presumed to take on the shitwork because we want to. Because our natures dictate that there is a satisfaction in wiping an arse with a woman’s hand that men could never feel and money could never match. That fiction is used to justify not only women picking up the slack at home, but also employers paying less for what is seen as traditional “women’s work” – the caring, cleaning roles.

Employers also pay women less to force them into marriage because men then get sexual access. Men as a group will NOT tolerate women who are financially independent of them.

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