Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday Reads

"They" don't call my hometown "Methford" for nothing.

Obituary: Noted female jockey Diane Nelson, 51, has died. No cause of death is given.

Nelson, who was born Sept. 26, 1965, rode mostly on the competitive New York racing circuit, racing at Saratoga, Belmont, and Aqueduct. She won the Grade 1 Prioress Stakes in 2005 when the race was run at Belmont. She also rode at Rockingham Park in New England.

When Nelson started riding in the New York area, she also began a modeling career, signing with the famed Ford Modeling Agency. She quit modeling to focus on being a jockey.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Nelson discussed the difficulties of competing against men at racing’s highest level.

“It’s definitely tougher on this level,” Nelson said. “If you’re a woman, you’re constantly trying to win on horses that aren’t the favorite.”

Is there any doubt at all ed secretary Betsy DeVos is a complete dipshit?

Why not invite the KKK to consult on civil rights?

The National Coalition for Men, as its name implies, is one of the largest, longest-running, and shameless men’s rights organizations out there. It is founded on the belief that domestic violence and sexual assault are widely overreported (in other words, that women regularly invent incidents of these crimes) and that some of the blame often lies with the female victim. President Harry Crouch calls this alleged conspiracy of women, the media, and law enforcement the “men’s violence industry.” The organization has a history of harassing and intimidating alleged sexual-assault survivors, ThinkProgress points out: Chapters have published photos, names, and biographical details of women who have accused men—falsely, the National Coalition for Men insists—of rape. Its members routinely bring lawsuits against women-only networking groups and social events, crying discrimination.


It's pass the trash time at Washoe County School District.

The male left has always been full of woman-hating fuckers. It is because they worship sexual liberation.

They believe women are here to put out for them sexuallly, and if they don't do it, they can be thrown under the bus.

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