Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday Reads

Secretariat still remains the standard by which all racehorses are judged. It is 44 years since his sweep of the Triple Crown.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I saw him 28 years ago on July 31.

Bad news for Senator John McCain. Glioblastoma is as bad as it gets when it comes to cancer.

That is what killed Ted Kennedy in 2009. It is almost impossible to survive this form of cancer.

Obituary: Red West, 80, a member of Elvis Presley's "Memphis Mafia" and one who co-wrote the tell-all book about him published before he died nearly 40 years ago, has died of an aneurysm.


Red West was born in Bolivar, Tennessee. West and Elvis Presley became great friends at Humes High School. Presley legend has it that Red protected Elvis from bullies a few times in school. West played football in junior college and was a Golden Gloves boxer. He worked with Elvis for 20 years as his driver, confidante, and bodyguard.

West had small roles in some of Presley’s movies including “Flaming Star.” He co-wrote some songs for Elvis including “Separate Ways,” which became a hit song in 1972. West also contributed to songs by Ricky Nelson and Johnny Rivers.

Red West and two other members of Elvis’s “Memphis Mafia,” Sonny West and David Hebler, were fired by Vernon Presley in 1976. The three wrote a book titled "Elvis: What Happened?," which was published shortly before Elvis died in 1977. The book detailed the singer’s dependency on drugs and the three were criticized for the disclosure. West said he wrote the book hoping it would help Elvis realize he had a dangerous addiction to drugs.

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