Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday Reads

Thanks to idiot sex roles, most men are totally worthless shits who expect women to destroy their bodies in order to look "beautiful" and force them to do work around the house they are too lazy and entitled to do.

Leave it to some idiot dude academic to turn a potential homicide into an exercise in queer theory bullshit.

It is one hell of a mess but a sign of the times in Charlottesville:

A planned protest in Virginia by white nationalists was abandoned on Saturday after a spate of violence prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency and law enforcement officers to clear the area.

The demonstration, which both organizers and critics had said was the largest gathering of white nationalists in recent years, turned violent almost immediately and left at least one person dead and a number of people injured. “I am heartbroken that a life has been lost here,” Mayor Mike Signer, said on social media.

We have a Russian-backed president who rode to notoriety on this hatefest.

We shouldn't be surprised.

The David Dukes of the country ARE Trump's base:


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