Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Tuesday Reads

It is articles like this which just makes one want to take a gun to these jerks that demanded retaliation and blow their woman-hating brains out:

Village elders in Pakistan ordered the rape of a 17-year-old girl after her brother was accused of raping another girl.

Twenty-two people have been arrested by police following the two assaults, which took place last week in the town of Muzaffarabad, close to Multan in south Pakistan, police said Thursday.

The mother of the first victim, who is aged 12, told police her daughter was cutting grass in a field when she was raped by a man.

The 12-year-old reported the rape to her mother, who then complained to village elders.

After deliberating, the elders declared one of the sisters of the first attacker would be raped in retaliation for the crime, according to the police report.

That is how bad it is in those countries. Women are literally subhuman.

I am quite impressed with this person who is highly critical of the "natural" childbirth and breastfeeding movements. Both of them are indeed woman-hating cults who disregard science not unlike the anti-vaccination crowd.

Tuteur published a book last year about this very issue. I have ordered it.

I don't think one has to be a mother to understand misogyny when it comes to motherhood.

Hate to break it to this writer, but this kind of delusional thinking is not limited to the right.

Look no further than academia that has been polluted with postmodernist crapola that has been there since the late 1980s and has manifested itself into insane movements like queer theory/transgenderism, transracialism, and transhumanism. NONE of these are appropriate avenues of inquiry but are tools to further oppress legitimate protected classes (minorities, women). They seek to undo ALL laws that have benefited those groups over the past 100 years with their embrace of neoliberal ideas. There are no oppressed groups; you can say whatever you are, and therefore you ARE that group regardless of the fact you have no PHYSICAL traits that make you a part of that group. The complete denial of reality is not limited to the so-called right.

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